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This is a day to celebrate! I had a thought that became a dream and this dream of mine has turned into reality. First, I would like to thank the many people that invested into this dream of mine & more importantly the time you have invested in my life. Each one of you has made a direct impact in my life & the reason this website exists today. I have spent the last 8 years working directly in the lives of our young people. It may have been building their house, taking a kid to school, playing basketball, funerals or even searching the community for a teenager that has run away from home.

The website was birthed by way of my own life adventures, bad decisions and suffering the consequences. The journey of redemption has not been an easy road but definitely worth the struggle to become a reflection of Jesus. This will be a front row seat into my life in hope to educate, inspire and hopefully create a new way to love the un-lovable.The purpose of this website will be to connect with the local churches, faith community & youth/mentoring organizations. In collaboration to help develop the best approach to reaching this generation of young people. I will be showcasing the program on my website in hopes to introduce them to local resources & other likeminded programs. I hope this will create a dialogue with those of common interest. The focus will be on sharing ideas, goals, resources and a potential collaborative effort to make an extraordinary impact in the lives of our youth. There will be an opportunity to book myself (Donnel Martin) to come and teach seminars, speak at youth camps & other youth targeted conferences.

These seminars will cover topics such as:
• Leadership
• Poverty
• Generational Poverty
• How to understand kids in poverty
• How to reach and love tough kids
• Protecting your time as a leader
• Leadership Development
• How to be a “Solid at Heart” leader
• Life Coaches
• Incarnational witnessing
• Fundraising
• Program Development

I hope you enjoy my website & blogs. I look forward to your comments.


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